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ADHD Classroom Accommodations

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Classroom accommodations for ADHD are changes made in the classroom to help students with ADHD learn better and do well. These changes can be things like sitting at the front, using fidget tools, or having more time for tests.

The ADHD Classroom Accommodations handout is a helpful guide that makes learning easier for clients who find it hard to pay attention in class. It gives specific strategies like taking breaks, having less homework, and retaking tests. At the bottom of the handout, they can be reminded to advocate for themselves in the classroom. 

Kids and teens receiving classroom accommodations may experience improvements in their performance and are less likely to drop out of school. After reading the handout, parents can set aside time to have a conversation with their children about their classroom experiences. Parents may also use this handout to educate themselves and advocate for their child’s needs at school.

Find this and 28 other handouts intended to support kids with ADHD in our ADHD Handouts Bundle.

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