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Anger Worksheets for Kids

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Anger worksheets for kids are a collection of resources put together to help kids figure out and handle their angry feelings. These materials often focus on analyzing anger issues and identifying triggers, fostering essential skills in social problem-solving. Additionally, they engage kids in learning to identify and express their emotions while planning and tracking progress.

The Anger Worksheets for Kids feature 20 different activities, including identifying and rating anger triggers, noticing how anger feels in your body, and more. Each activity facilitates effective anger management for kids to reduce negative emotions and promote positive coping skills.

These worksheets help young people understand their feelings better, especially if these feelings are difficult for them. Take the "Anger Iceberg Worksheet," for example, which helps kids look deeper into what's going on inside them when they're angry. They can also explore their anger using the "Anger Triggers Worksheet" to find what makes them mad, and the "Coping With Anger Worksheet" to learn positive ways to handle those emotions.

After finishing each worksheet, parents and teachers can review the answers to make a plan for anger management. This might include suggesting fun activities, like a camping retreat, art therapy, or nature walks, as a positive way for kids to express their emotions and use what they learned from the worksheets.

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Customer Reviews

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Useful, clear and applicable!

Loved how easy these visuals were to use and breakdown complicated SEL topics to my students. Useful to have combinations of examples and applied worksheets. Saved me so much time :)

Thank you so much for your positive comments! We're thrilled to hear that the SEL topics covered in our worksheets can help support your teaching process! We hope that the additional topics we regularly add to our store can support the social emotional development of future students.

Yujin Park
Anger management

The anger management worksheet are very helpful and practical for my young clients. Not only content, but also design are amazing. Look forward to purchasing others to provide the quality of services for my clients

Thank you, Yujin! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Tahira Bacus

I was searching for a way to teach my kids, and my husband and I, ways to manage our anger and care for our mental health. These are the exact things I need.

Thank you, Tahira! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Larissa Pioche
Anger Worksheets for Kids

The Anger Worksheets for Kids are amazing! The Worksheets carry precise information about anger. My students liked them very much. It also helped my anger management group discuss and work out anger issues. I am satisfied with the purchase and I recommend school counselors to have this kit in the counseling library.

Thank you, Larissa! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Della M

I worked through a lot of these sheets with my son after having some emotional regulation issues playing hockey (can't blame him). I wasn't sure if it was worth it but I was willing to try just about anything and thought this work couldn't hurt. It was amazing! He was not a fan at first but ended up enjoying the conversations this led to. It literally shifted his mindset from reacting to things to responding to things (giving thought to his next actions) and really changed his hockey game. AMAZING!