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Coping Skills For Worries, Racing, And Intrusive Thoughts

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Coping skills for worries, racing, and intrusive thoughts are strategies kids and teens use to handle persistent negative thoughts or memories in their minds. They rely on these skills to take charge of their thoughts and feelings, especially during exams, social situations, or when dealing with personal challenges to feel more in control.

The Coping Skills For Worries, Racing, And Intrusive Thoughts handout defines three types of negative thoughts, explains where they come from, and shows a list of coping skills. Some of the strategies found on the handout include exercising, meditating, and spending time with a pet or taking a walk in nature.

Using these coping skills helps kids and teens take charge of their thinking and keep their emotional well-being intact when facing worries. For example, if they listen to music when feeling overwhelmed, they can distract themselves healthily, which allows them to take a break from wrong thoughts and feel calmer.

To further take charge of their thoughts, kids and teens can consider using the Letting Go of Anxious Thoughts worksheet. This worksheet prompts them to write down their worries in balloons and release them while practicing positive self-talk.

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