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Worry Jar

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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• Width: 8.5"
• Height: 11"
• Fillable PDF File

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Provide your kids with this worry jar worksheet so they won't feel compelled to think about the things that worry them throughout the day. Kids and teens can worry about anything, such as their academic performance, friendships, body image, and family conflict.

By filling out this worry jar, they can eliminate stress from their minds so they can focus on other things that matter. To use it, all they need to do is choose a specific time of the day to "worry" and spend 10-15 minutes writing down all their worries in the jar, no matter how small.

Note that while this worry jar serves as a stress-relief tool, it's important to consult a mental health professional if your child or teenager is suffering from anxiety.

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This is perfect for helping my son with his anxiety. Thank you!