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Understanding Anger (PDF)

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Understanding anger means knowing why someone feels mad and what makes them respond in a certain way. Kids and teens who feel upset due to a trigger, such as a friend’s teasing, may learn to handle their feelings better through anger management.

The Understanding Anger handout illustrates common anger symptoms as warning signs that signal the need to pause and calm down. These include tight fists, a raised voice, and eyes tearing up.

By using this handout, kids and teens gain the valuable benefit of learning to spot subtle signs of anger early on, enabling them to take control before things escalate. They can use this handout anytime they feel angry, whether at home, in school, or during negative situations, to take proactive steps to manage their emotions.

Parents and teachers can provide support by putting this handout in easy-to-see places at home and school, so young people remember what to do when anger shows up. For example, you can stick it on the fridge as a reminder for your child to take a quick break when they’re feeling frustrated with homework.

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