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Social Anxiety Coping Skills (PDF)

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Social anxiety coping skills are different techniques people use to deal with nervousness around others. These strategies involve how they think and act in social situations to feel more relaxed and in control.

The Social Anxiety Coping Skills handout is designed for young people who feel scared or self-conscious in social situations. It gives them ideas like rehearsing conversations and joining clubs with friends with the same interests. The handout is divided into five parts, with a motivating tip at the end!

With this handout, kids and teens can slowly get used to being in social places, become stronger, and feel proud when they handle tough moments well. For example, a teen might use the handout to practice joining a school club, attending meetings, and feeling more confident with each successful interaction.

To enhance social skills, kids and teens can practice casual chatting with family or close friends during relaxed moments like dinner or while watching TV. Adding the Happy Place Worksheet can also assist them in imagining a calming space — whether real or imaginary — to feel more comfortable during conversations and boost their confidence for similar situations.

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