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Social Anxiety

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Some kids and teenagers face social anxiety, a condition where they feel extremely scared in social situations, such as giving a speech, making eye contact, or talking to someone. Those with social anxiety fear getting embarrassed, leading them to avoid social events. But it is more than just that — it can affect various aspects of their daily lives and hinder personal growth.

The Social Anxiety worksheet is a helpful questionnaire designed to help kids and teens assess themselves and record their thoughts during social situations. They can go through a list and pick the situations that trigger anxiety. At the bottom of the worksheet, they’ll be writing down ways to handle their social anxiety during those situations.

Using this worksheet helps empower kids and teens to face difficult situations and deal with their fears in positive ways. After answering it, they can consider creating a list of exposure challenges based on the identified social situations that make them anxious, and then try to overcome them one by one gradually.

Parents and teachers can help them by encouraging open conversations about feelings. For instance, sharing a personal experience about a time they felt nervous or anxious and how they coped can make kids feel more comfortable expressing their emotions.

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Super helpful for my therapy practice. Thank you!

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perfect to use in my practice