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Self-Esteem Alphabet Printable Poster for Kids & Teens

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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• Width: 8.5"
• Height: 11"
• Fillable PDF File

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Some kids and teens find themselves struggling with self-esteem problems each day. It can be caused by different factors, such as stressful and difficult life events, an illness, or messages from other people and the media.

Parents, teachers, social workers, and mental health professionals can use this Self-Esteem Alphabet Printable Poster for Kids & Teens to illustrate various ways to have healthy self-esteem. It includes coping skills like asking for help, doing something creative, and eliminating self-criticism.

This 8.5"x11" handout is a fillable PDF file. It can be clicked and typed into directly on a device. It is convenient for distance learning and telehealth services.