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RAIN DBT Skill Worksheet

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In DBT, the RAIN technique helps clients deal with challenging situations by becoming aware of their thoughts, practicing acceptance of the present moment, being curious about their inner experiences, and showing themselves compassion.

The RAIN DBT Skill Worksheet encourages clients to reflect on a distressing situation and go through each component of the “RAIN” acronym. For example, under “Recognize what is happening,” they’ll be asked to describe their thoughts, feelings, actions, and sensations.

Answering this worksheet helps improve self-awareness and promote calmness as kids and teens explore self-compassion affirmations. We recommend completing this worksheet in a calm and distraction-free environment, such as a therapist’s office, library, or a quiet corner at home.

This worksheet can be supplemented with our visually appealing RAIN Mindfulness Technique handout to support understanding of the RAIN skill.

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