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Preparing for Anxiety

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Preparing for anxiety involves planning coping strategies for potentially stressful situations. For kids and teens, this means practicing relaxation methods, creating a calming routine, or carrying a small comfort item to help deal with anxious moments.

The Preparing for Anxiety worksheet serves as a helpful tool for instilling confidence in kids and teens in handling future worries and keeping anxiety in check. This sheet asks them four questions to help them understand their experience with anxiety. Following this self-reflection, they’ll identify eleven coping skills they can use to reduce anxiety and regain control.

Using this worksheet, kids and teens can avoid feeling caught off guard when anxiety hits, which prevents panic, doubt, and fear from taking over. They can also refer to the What is Anxiety for Kids and Teens handout, a helpful resource for learning the symptoms of anxiety.

Parents and teachers can help by creating a regular schedule with kids and teens where they can discuss feelings and offer support. This may be done before class starts or during weekends at home.

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