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Natural Treatments for ADHD

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Natural treatments for ADHD are practical alternatives to medications. It focuses on simple strategies that go beyond just taking medicine, acknowledging the complexity of ADHD and the need for comprehensive approaches to treatment.

This Natural Treatments for ADHD handout is a practical resource for kids and teens looking for alternatives to medication. It explains the science behind brain connectivity issues, like low levels of important brain chemicals, slow brain waves, less blood flow, and not enough protein. The second part of the handout suggests simple ways to improve these issues without using medication, offering practical strategies for better focus and well-being.

Activities like exercise, sunlight exposure, and healthy eating can help kids and teens with ADHD notably improve their focus, attention, and mood. These tasks are easy to include in their daily routines and can also be scheduled, making them easy to remember. Moreover, this handout provides useful information that teachers can discuss in the classroom for ADHD awareness or use when supporting a student.

To make this guide work even better, try doing activities that complement a non-medication strategy mentioned in the handout. After finishing the guide, kids and teens can pick two or three strategies that feel right for them and use them every day.

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Elsie S

simple, easy to understand and efficient.

Alessandra W

Very useful materials!

Katrine G

This item was useful for parents of some children I work with.

Candida H

This worksheet is extremely helpful for providing adolescents and their parents with alternatives to medication.