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Meditation Benefits (PDF)

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Meditation is a calming practice where one sits quietly, focuses on their breath, and relaxes their mind and body. Despite being used by mostly adults to reduce the impact of stressful situations, meditation can be quite interesting for kids too, as it can benefit them in many ways.

The Meditation Benefits (PDF) handout provides kids and teens with helpful information to start meditating and experience its positive effects. It first defines what meditation is, then introduces its elements and explains its benefits, and lastly, offers simple techniques tailored to their age group.

Using this handout helps kids and teens find calm and balance even amid stressful events in school or at home. When paired with the Progressive Muscle Relaxation handout, they can benefit from reduced anxiety and enhanced emotional regulation.

After reading the handout, parents and teachers can encourage kids and teens to engage in an art activity, such as sketching or painting, to divert their minds from worries.

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