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How To Support A Grieving Friend

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Providing support to someone who is grieving involves showing care and understanding towards their experience. When someone is grieving, they often feel alone, overwhelmed, and misunderstood. Support can take many forms, such as actively listening and validating their feelings.

The How To Support A Grieving Friend handout helps clients learn how to provide meaningful support to their friends who are experiencing loss. The handout is divided into two sections: the top part provides a list of do's and don'ts to follow when supporting grieving friends, while the bottom part presents the "I GOT YOU" acronym with additional tips.

Kids and teens using this handout can become more understanding and sensitive, and avoid unintentionally hurtful remarks and instead create a safe space for open communication and healing. Parents and teachers can also assist in this process by offering guidance on how to approach sensitive conversations.

This handout is included in our 13-page Grief And Loss Handouts Bundle, which provides a variety of coping strategies and tips to support those experiencing loss.

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