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Grief Myths And Truths

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Grief can be a confusing concept, especially for clients who might hear different things from friends, family, and media. This makes it hard to know what to believe. Thankfully, there are reliable resources such as books, websites, and support groups specifically designed to help people understand grief clearly and accurately.

The Grief Myths And Truths handout helps clients discern what to believe and what to dismiss about grief. It provides clear facts to separate myths from truths on topics such as healing time, handling feelings, individual differences in grieving, and moving forward after a loss. Moreover, it offers quick tips on how clients can express themselves, seek support, and listen to their emotions.

Kids and teens using this handout will learn that there is no right or wrong way to grieve, which helps them feel less isolated or misunderstood. As an additional tip, parents and teachers can organize a research activity, like a trip to the library. Kids and teens can work in teams to find interesting facts about grief.

This handout is included in our Grief And Loss Handouts Bundle, which includes 13 pages of tips and resources to support those going through the grieving process.

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