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Executive Functioning Strategies (PDF)

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Executive functioning refers to processes that allow a person to manage themselves, focus, control their impulses, and reach their goals. Helping kids improve executive functions can be done by teaching them coping skills and letting them practice these skills.

This handout summarizes the brain’s executive functions, such as Planning/Prioritizing, Task Initiation, Time Management, and more. You’ll also find a list of tips to help kids struggling with executive functions. Parents, teachers, counselors, and mental health professionals may use this as a handout in any setting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Caitlin D.

This chart is perfect for my daughter who is on the spectrum, makes it possible to explain things when I don't know how.

Kirsten S.

This item was helpful with identifying needs and ways to meet those needs.

Chris and Family

I like this a lot as a summary of elements of executive dysfunction. Looks great.