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DBT VITALS Worksheet

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In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), the VITALS skills represent an acronym for Validating self, Imagining, Taking small steps, Applauding yourself, Lightening your load, and Sweetening the pot. Difficult tasks or goals can be overwhelming at times, that’s why it’s important to set goals intentionally and with specificity. Moreover, acknowledging your progress along the way and rewarding yourself upon completing specific goals can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

The DBT VITALS Worksheet includes a set of questions where clients can reflect on their goal-setting process. It starts by letting them identify the goal they would like to achieve and then asks about their thoughts and feelings. At the bottom of the worksheet, they’re going to write down simple ways to reward themselves for reaching a small milestone.

Using this worksheet helps kids and teens to develop their self-efficacy and improve their confidence when accomplishing a goal. We recommend that they complete this worksheet in a calm and distraction-free environment, such as a therapist’s office, library, or a quiet corner at home.

Our DBT VITALS handout can be added-on as a helpful summary of each of the VITALS skills.

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