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DBT Validation Worksheet

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Validation is a DBT skill that has a soothing impact and reduces emotional distress. Conversely, invalidation leads to problematic behaviors and interpersonal conflicts. When we invalidate, we dismiss or disregard our own experiences and those of others, and one of the ways to break the cycle is to recognize when we’re putting ourselves and others down.

The DBT Validation Worksheet is designed to help clients practice validation in their daily experiences. Clients are to read each action and phrase carefully, and then determine if it is a form of validation or invalidation. They need to place a checkmark in the appropriate box to indicate their assessment.

Using this worksheet helps kids and teens become more aware of how their words and actions affect others, which can lead to healthier communication and relationships. Parents may also practice answering this sheet with their child to improve family interactions.

This worksheet pairs well with several other validation handouts and worksheets in our store, including our DBT Validation Basics and DBT Validation Skills handouts.

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