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DBT Using Mindfulness To Build Relationships

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Mindfulness can serve as a gauge for a healthy and lasting relationship, which improves conflict resolution strategies. As a major component of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness involves observing, describing, and participating.

The DBT Using Mindfulness To Build Relationships handout offers ideas to incorporate mindfulness in building meaningful relationships. Clients will learn tips on how to observe, describe, and participate in a relationship effectively. For example, they will learn to let go of the need to be right or assume the worst in others.

Using this handout motivates kids and teens to improve the way they communicate, approach conflicts, and engage with each other. One way we can support them is by modeling mindfulness in our everyday interactions by actively listening to what they’re saying, pausing before responding, and intentionally asking them questions to keep the conversation going.

To reinforce the mindfulness “what” skills described in this handout, feel free to add-on our DBT Observe, Describe, and Participate handouts, or the corresponding DBT Mindfulness “What” Skills worksheets. We also offer a 1-page quick reference handout for DBT Mindfulness “What” Skills.

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