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DBT Opposite Action (PDF)

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Opposite action is an emotion regulation strategy in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which involves following a set of steps to manage unwanted negative emotions. These emotions may include anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and envy. For instance, instead of withdrawing further when feeling sad, one would recognize this emotion and intentionally engage in activities that are active and involve social interaction.

The DBT Opposite Action PDF handout serves as a basic guide for clients to use the skill when their emotions are doing them more harm than good. It lists different unwanted emotions, common behaviors taken, and opposite actions to counter these behaviors. Clients can also follow seven steps for taking an opposite action to change their emotions.

Using this handout increases self-awareness and helps break the cycle of maladaptive behavior. Encourage kids and teens to acknowledge the situation or emotion they’re having and fully participate in the present moment.

This handout can be paired with our DBT Opposite Action Worksheet, which allows clients to reflect on their experiences.

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