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IMPROVE the Moment skill using Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, Relaxation, One Thing in the moment, Vacation, and Encouragement aims to improve your thoughts or physical sensations so that the current moment becomes easier to handle. Each letter in IMPROVE represents an approach to make the moment more tolerable. The IMPROVE skill offers relief to clients through coping strategies during distress.

The DBT IMPROVE Worksheet features a two worksheet set helping clients to prepare for a distressing situation and do a post-crisis reflection. It asks them to reflect on what they have learned from the hardship and encourages them to write positive and encouraging affirmations to remind them of their inner strength. Clients can also rate the intensity of their emotions before and after using the skill and share the outcome and its effectiveness.

Using this worksheet can help kids and teens feel better by tuning in with their physical senses and choosing ways to relax in the moment. At the end of the activity, kids and teens can practice self-compassion and radical acceptance through positive self-talk. They can also discuss their answers and what they’ve learned from the current situation with caring adults.

Supplement these worksheets with our IMPROVE The Moment DBT handout.

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