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DBT Half Smile Worksheet

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Half-smiling involves relaxing the face, neck, and shoulders, and then turning up the corners of your mouth slightly. A half-smile can reduce stress, lower your heart rate, boost your immune system, and improve your mood. Studies suggest that smiling may enhance our capacity to tolerate distress, especially for those who value and attend to their emotional experiences.

The DBT Half Smile Worksheet features a two-page activity in which clients are asked to describe their relationship with smiling and identify situations they are willing to practice the skill. In a separate activity, they can reflect on or describe their distressing situation and rate the intensity of their emotions before and after using the half smile skill.

These worksheets are designed to help children and teenagers understand the powerful link between their bodies and emotions through smiling. After completing them, they can further reinforce their learning by integrating half-smiling activities into their daily routine — upon waking up in the morning, at bedtime, and whenever they feel anxious.

To help reinforce the half smile skill users can incorporate our DBT Half Smile and Willing Hands handout.

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