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DBT Check The Facts Worksheet

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It’s normal to feel strong emotions from time to time which can be influenced by our thoughts, assumptions, or interpretations of events rather than by the actual event itself. Solving an emotional crisis is difficult if you don’t have your facts straight. Emotion regulation in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) includes being mindful of your emotions, as well as your thoughts and assumptions about a situation. This involves checking the facts.

The DBT Check The Facts Worksheet asks six important questions in which clients can identify the emotion they want to change, their emotional trigger, assumptions they’re making about the event, and more. They will be asked to observe, describe, and reflect based on facts and not on their assumptions.

This worksheet helps kids and teens consider different perspectives and develop healthier thought patterns. To better support them, you can start or end the activity by doing a simple mindfulness exercise together, such as taking three deep breaths. Feel free to print more than one copy of the worksheet so that your child may use it as often as they need to help change their emotions if they do not fit the facts.

Pair it with our DBT Check The Facts handout to help increase their understanding of this emotion regulation skill.

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