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Coping Statements for Anger

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Coping statements for anger management are short phrases or thoughts that help someone stay calm when they're feeling mad or upset. These statements can be as simple as "I can handle this" or "Take a deep breath." For kids and teens, learning them can be key to staying cool-headed and managing anger without making things more difficult.

The Coping Statements for Anger poster supports kids and teens by providing examples of positive things to say when they're mad. It also includes empty bubbles for them to write more helpful statements, like “I refuse to let anger take control of my life” or “I control my reactions; anger is not my choice.”

Reciting these coping statements helps kids and teens feel more in control and make better choices when upset. After engaging with the poster, parents can put it up on a wall at home and teachers can keep it on classroom desks. This way, their poster remains visible, allowing kids and teens to quickly refer to it and use the coping statements whenever needed.

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