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Consequences of Anger

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Anger consequences are negative things that happen as a result of uncontrolled anger. For kids and teens, it might mean losing playtime or getting into trouble with friends after an angry outburst. If it remains unmanaged, anger can make things more difficult, like causing more arguments or making others feel upset too.

The Anger Consequences handout explains what happens when anger takes over. This includes health problems, trouble with behavior, issues with friends, and even problems with making good choices.

Using this handout is beneficial for kids with anger issues and those who suppress anger because it helps them understand the possible outcomes of uncontrolled anger. For example, recognizing these consequences can empower kids to make better choices when they're upset, like talking about their feelings instead of letting anger build up.

After reading the handout, kids and teens can try the "Take 5" strategy when anger is building up. This involves stepping away for a moment, counting to five, and thinking about a favorite hobby or fun memory to calm down.

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