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Anxiety Coping Skills for Kids

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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When left unmanaged, anxiety can interfere with different areas of a child's life, such as their performance in school, thinking, health, and relationships. It's important for parents, teachers, social workers, and mental health professionals to actually show children how they can cope with anxiety regardless of the situation.

This handout is a therapeutic tool that shows a wide variety of skills that kids can turn to anytime they feel anxious. It includes categories like Relaxation, Distraction, Thinking, and Movement. Each coping skill features an illustration to increase their learning.

Parents, teachers, social workers, and mental health professionals can print, laminate, and post it on a wall for kids to see. You may also pass it along so that kids can easily refer to it.

Customer Reviews

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Ericka R.

Really great handout to use in my therapy practice! Thank you


Great resource for my pediatric patients and families!