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Anger Triggers Worksheet

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Anger triggers are things or situations that make someone feel mad or upset. These can be different for each person. Recognizing their anger triggers helps young people understand what makes them feel this way and find better ways to handle their emotions.

My Anger Triggers is a worksheet that aims to help kids become aware of things or situations that make them feel angry. It shows a thermometer that lets kids rate each anger trigger on a scale of 1-10, with 10 representing an extreme level of anger, and 0 being the lowest, which means the absence of anger. After rating their anger level, kids can write down some coping skills they are currently using to relax and feel calm.

Answering this worksheet enables them to deal with their triggers healthily. Caring adults, such as parents, teachers, and mental health experts, can also teach young people “calm down” techniques after rating their anger triggers. This worksheet pairs well with our Coping with Anger Worksheet which helps them identify how anger feels in their body and explore more coping skills.

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Good item received easy to follow

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This item was high quality and engaging for my students. The directions were clear and easy to understand. Met my expectations, and I look forward to purchasing more from this seller!

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very helpful, great, thank you.

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Was a quick download and just what was ordered

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yes. my grandson really takes an interest in these products. I think it's great info!