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Anger Thermometer (PDF)

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An anger thermometer is a tool that helps you understand and measure how angry you feel. It shows different levels of anger, from calm to very upset, which helps individuals become aware of their emotions.

This Anger Thermometer poster shows kids how mad they feel in response to a trigger. Each anger level corresponds to certain behaviors. For example, Annoyed/Disappointed/Upset can result in sighing and eye-rolling. This resource also recommends healthy coping strategies, such as taking deep breaths and moving their bodies.

Becoming aware of one’s anger level is the first step toward behavioral change. Kids and teens can use this handout whenever they need help with taming their temper and calming down.

Once they complete this, parents or teachers might find it beneficial to engage kids or teens in a calming activity, such as taking a short walk, listening to soothing music, or practicing deep breathing exercises. These activities can further help in reducing stress and promoting a sense of emotional well-being.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristine McAfee
Anger Thermometer Review

Great visual for kids! Love this! Our therapist recommended it. Printed it and had it laminated.

Thank you, Kristine! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Marina Shirinova
So helpful

This is the best anger management tool ever. It helps to explain kids their emotions and actions

Thank you, Marina! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Claire Westmoreland
Anger thermometer

Easy to understand

Thank you, Claire! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Jacklyn K

This was a good visual aid

Fleta B

Good item received easy to follow