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Anger Firework

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The “anger firework” model helps kids and teens visualize the stages of anger, just like a firework exploding. It shows how anger starts small, similar to a spark, and escalates into bigger problems if not managed. Through this model, kids and teens can understand their anger better, spotting early signs and managing it effectively in situations such as arguments with friends, family conflicts, or academic challenges.

The Anger Firework worksheet helps kids and teens visualize, recognize, and manage anger before it becomes overwhelming by answering specific questions. For example, they can learn to identify things that spark angry emotions and how those triggers make them feel or behave.

By using this worksheet, young people, especially those with anger issues, are allowed to calm down and explore tools to handle their emotions positively. This process empowers kids and teens to proactively manage their anger, encouraging them to jot down positive alternatives for expressing anger such as taking deep breaths or talking calmly.

After completing the worksheet, kids and teens can practice a "cooling down" technique. For instance, they can find a quiet space at school, take deep breaths, and count to ten before discussing their feelings with a supportive friend or teacher.

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Customer Reviews

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Jane, Manchester
Anger Firework - great resource

Excellent quick grab resource

Thank you, Jane! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Ofelia M

Such an amazing resource, highly recommend!

Katharina M

Love this activity in my therapy practice with kids!

Bettye A

Great tool for children/teens who struggle with processing and managing anger.

Charity G

This is as described. It will be very useful for working on anger management with clients.