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Anger Coping Skills for Kids

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Anger coping skills are techniques that help kids manage and calm negative emotions. During frustrating situations like a disagreement with a friend or a challenging school assignment, kids can use these skills to stay calm and think clearly.

The Anger Coping Skills for Kids handout is a helpful tool for children learning to manage their anger safely and healthily. When negativity comes up, they can practice a skill to calm their minds and bodies. Examples of these skills include talking to a friend, taking a nap, jogging, belly breathing, and more.

Kids using this handout can gain the benefit of improved emotional control and resilience. For instance, if a child recognizes that being teased triggers their anger, they can use some of the relaxation skills provided by the handout to stay calm and respond positively.

After using this handout, parents and teachers can also encourage kids to create a "calm-down kit" with items that help them relax, like a favorite toy or a comforting picture. Have this kit readily available by placing it in their bags or on a shelf, so they can easily access it whenever they need help managing their anger.

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