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ADHD The Invisible Disability Counseling Poster/Handout

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ADHD is an invisible disability that affects young people. People might notice the obvious signs, but they might not know about the hidden struggles with thinking, feeling, learning, and behaving. Breaking down this barrier is achievable through awareness and information about disabilities like ADHD.

This ADHD Invisible Disability Counseling poster/handout gives us a look at how people usually see individuals with ADHD based on their actions. It also discusses less obvious reasons behind these actions. It aims to help everyone understand how these challenges can affect daily life.

For parents and teachers, this resource helps increase their awareness of ADHD, helping them benefit from a deeper understanding of their child or student’s condition. They can use it to start conversations about ADHD in their homes and classrooms.

For kids or teens who manifest the behaviors listed, parents and teachers can offer support by sharing helpful coping strategies. You can find these strategies in detail on the ADHD Coping Strategies handout.

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Customer Reviews

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Nina Niemetta
ADHD The Invisible Disability Counseling Poster/Handout

Very informative, easy to read and will be using with school staff as well as parents of students with ADHD.

Thank you, Nina! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Alessandra W

Very useful

Candida D

Accurate and beautiful. Great for posters!

Katrine G

This was good item, used it to show a child and parents how ADHD could be affecting the child. Helped the child feel better about themselves.