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ADHD Positive Traits

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ADHD comes with more than just the usual problems like not paying attention or being impulsive. People with ADHD, whether kids, teens, or adults, can have good qualities that help balance out their difficulties. Some of these positive traits include being optimistic, really focusing on things, being resilient, and having good behavior skills.

This ADHD Positive Traits handout can be used as a self-esteem booster. It highlights 40 positive characteristics, which include being resourceful, enthusiastic, intelligent, and hyper-focused in areas of passion. It's a helpful tool for young people with ADHD to appreciate and embrace their unique strengths.

Recognizing these positive traits can help kids and teens with ADHD deal with daily challenges, set clear goals, solve problems better, and get along well with others. As a caring adult, try using this handout in a weekly "Strength Spotlight" at home or in the classroom.

On a family day, take turns recognizing and celebrating each other's positive qualities. Teachers can also encourage students to share their positive traits and discuss how these strengths contribute to their academic and personal goals.

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