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Accumulate Positive Emotions Short-Term DBT Worksheet

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In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), it's understood that engaging in enjoyable activities can provide temporary relief and increase positive emotions. By repeatedly doing pleasant activities, individuals can experience meaningful changes over time. This process emphasizes mindfulness and emotion regulation.

The Accumulate Positive Emotions Short-Term DBT Worksheet asks a client to brainstorm and create a list of pleasant activities to do each day. After making the list, they can choose one activity to focus on and assess their emotions before and after each activity. The third part of the worksheet instructs them to write encouraging statements to let go of their worries, engage fully, and enjoy the moment.

This worksheet serves as a tool that helps kids and teens feel a sense of joy and accomplishment as they engage in pleasant activities daily. When used in a small group, encourage each individual to share their personal experiences and insights after a week of using the worksheet.

Our Accumulate Positive Emotions handout, and Accumulate Positive Emotions Long-Term Worksheet can be helpful add-ons to this worksheet.

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