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Emotional Freedom Technique (PDF)

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The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves tapping on certain body points to feel calmer and ease strong emotions. One can tap on their head, chest, or hand, for instance. This unique approach is popular among kids and teens for its simplicity.

The Emotional Freedom Technique handout details the use of EFT tapping and outlines steps tailored for kids and teens. It's divided into three parts: the top section explains what EFT tapping is and how it works, the middle part breaks down the 5-step process, and the final part lists its benefits.

Using EFT, young people can acknowledge what they're feeling, release stuck emotions or trauma, relax, and sleep better. For instance, a teen feeling pre-exam jitters can tap a few times and tell themselves, "Even though I feel stressed about the exam, I choose to let go and relax for a restful night's sleep."

To develop a more positive mindset and reinforce the calming effects of EFT, kids and teens can pair their EFT tapping practice with this Anxiety Coping Statements handout. Parents and teachers can also support them by regularly checking in on their progress and offering words of encouragement.

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