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ADHD Coping Strategies

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ADHD coping skills are techniques that help kids deal with challenges linked to attention issues. It's important to recognize and work on these skills early to improve their school experience, foster friendships, and enhance overall well-being.

The ADHD Coping Strategies handout highlights how children with ADHD may struggle with tasks like planning, time management, and controlling their emotions. It also provides practical tips, presented as easy-to-follow bullets, that aim to help kids improve their organization, attention, and self-control skills.

Using these coping strategies helps kids with ADHD in many ways, like paying attention, figuring out what's important, managing their energy levels, listening well, focusing on a task, and following directions carefully. When using this guide at home, parents can turn it into a fun activity by rewarding kids with stickers whenever they perform a coping skill correctly.

Additionally, parents and kids can practice together and talk about how they're feeling afterward. Since children with ADHD enjoy playing games, parents may incorporate fun challenges to build these valuable coping skills.

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Frederique S

Excellent information. Thanks so much.

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Perfect! Just what I was looking for

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Great visual! So helpful in therapy. Thanks!

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Exactly what I wanted expected

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Great reminders and ideas for adhd