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ADHD Coping Skills for Teens

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Teens dealing with ADHD find it challenging to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and can sometimes get in conflict with others. Thankfully, there are coping skills that can help many teens do well in school and achieve success.

This ADHD Coping Skills for Teens handout discusses the executive functions that are impaired in ADHD and provides a list of tips to manage symptoms. It's a handy resource for teens, providing support in starting tasks, remaining focused, staying calm, remembering things, and taking positive steps in their lives.

Teens with ADHD who practice these coping skills during stressful times can benefit by improving their attention, focus, and emotional balance. Teens can picture turning these ADHD coping skills into a game called "Focus Challenge." In this game, they set a timer and see how well they can concentrate on a task without getting distracted.

After reading the handout, they can implement what they learned into their daily lives, whether at home or in school.

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Customer Reviews

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ADHD Coping Skills 4 Teens miniposter

If you are a school counselor with a student on a 504plan or just trying to find some SDI for a quick lesson plan on coping with the SEL components of dealing with the daily aspects of living with ADHD, this is a nice jumping off point to use with a student.

Thank you, Raven! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Peggie L

Awesome! This was really well put together

Keara E

Really really really like it!

Cecilia D

Awesome item to help pinpoint what area are being impacted and helpful tips on how to address the areas being impacted. Love the simplicity and color!

Kate Sweatt

ADHD Coping Skills for Teens

Hi Kate! Thank you so much for providing a review. We would love to hear more from you about what we can do to improve this product to meet your expectations. Please send us a message at mentalhealthcenterhome@gmail.com. We truly value your feedback as we strive to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children, teens, and young adults.