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ADHD Infographic Handouts Mini-Bundle (5 Pages)

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ADHD infographic handouts are informative visual aids designed to explain key aspects of ADHD, giving concise details about the condition. These help with understanding how ADHD affects young people and give ideas for managing it, in addition to medication.

These ADHD Infographic Handouts contain information about this neurodevelopmental disorder, coping skills, and positive traits that kids and teens can harness to their advantage. You will also find information about natural ADHD treatments for parents and healthcare professionals who are supporting kids and teens with ADHD.

These guides help professionals offer the right support to those with ADHD. At home, parents can use the guides by discussing an ADHD-related topic each week, such as time management, exercise, and foods for brain function.

Parents, caregivers, and professionals can then apply what they’ve learned from these handouts by making their homes and classrooms ADHD-friendly. For example, creating to-do lists and following a routine based on the ADHD Coping Skills for Kids handout.

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Customer Reviews

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Amber, LMSW, u/s
ADHD Infographic Handouts

This is informative and understandable resource for my client and families who are trying to understand their child's ADHD diagnosis. Many lightbulb moments for many families. These resources make my job a little bit easier.

Thank you, Amber! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Talar Bagdasarian

Super informative and easy to read.

Thank you for your kind words, Talar! We are glad to hear that you found our ADHD Infographic Handouts informative and easy to read. We greatly appreciate your support!

ADHD Info graphic pack

Loved these, colourful, informative and accessible, our teenage clients love them and so do their parents! I've laminated them and leave them out for all to see

Headroom Young People's Charity - supporting young people struggling with challenging emotions

Thank you so much for your positive feedback, Sue!


I like the way the information is simplified so I am able to talk to my younger clients and their parents.

Thank you, Mary! Please don't forget to check our other worksheets, handouts, and posters.

Rhea C

great ideas for working with ADHD kiddos