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Anger Tracker Worksheet for Kids & Teens

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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• Width: 8.5"
• Height: 11"
• Fillable PDF File

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Keeping track of how you manage your anger on a regular basis can be extremely helpful for maintaining your overall well-being. Kids and teens who are struggling with anger management may benefit from a simple tool like this Anger Tracker Worksheet.

On this worksheet, they will be able to write down the skills they've applied to counteract an anger trigger and rate the effectiveness of each skill on a scale of 1 to 5. Below the fillable table, they can also find more skills under categories like Relaxation, Movement, Distraction, and Thinking.

This 8.5"x11" paper size worksheet is a fillable PDF file. It can be clicked and typed into directly on a device. It is convenient for distance learning and telehealth services.